Reclaimed Wood Homes Around the World

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Midnight Heart Pine

Midnight Heart Pine

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We love sharing the interesting stories that homes using reclaimed wood always have to tell, and we invite you to share your stories here with us. The farmhouse below in Australia, designed by Tim Stewarts Architects, is a reflection in miniature of the workings, life, and history of the farm and the family that continue to take enjoy its offerings. The article offers spectacular photos of the home and property.

Reflecting History

Surrounded by an 18 hectare property, the Storrs Road Residence in the small town of Peachester, Australia, displays a single story architectural body  emerged from the original building mixed with modern design to shape the evolution story behind this now contemporary farmhouse. Rising from an orchard-defined surrounding, the residence “aims to reflect in miniature the site as a whole and its history.” More at Environmentally Conscious Australian Home Built Using Reclaimed Wood

Connected to Nature

This home constructed with reclaimed wood lies within the Charlotte city limits but has the presence of a secluded retreat with its canopy of loblolly pines, which the architects worked hard to protect. For the Charlotte house, it wasn’t just a matter of knocking down as few trees as possible during the construction process. The architects aimed, from the outset, to create interior spaces that would mimic the experience of standing outdoors on the site. They also designed a vaulted roof above the main living areas to suggest the expansive sense of a canopy rising above.
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Another home utilizing reclaimed wood in the rustic tradition can be found here,

The Mountain Home

Vintage Luxury: Reclaimed Wood in the Modern Mountain Home

The author here is giving two important reasons to use reclaimed wood in your home:

The first good reason is because it is sustainable. Since you do not need new materials, it cuts down on energy used to make new products and does not contribute to deforestation.

The second reason is that reclaimed wood brings authentic charm to your modern mountain home. A mixture of old and new is a great contrast that works very well in the home.