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World-renowned professionals choose Goodwin wood for their award-winning designs. Experts from across the globe appreciate Goodwin’s strict grading standards and personal attention devoted to each project. We go above and beyond to deliver the quality and luxury you deserve. Goodwin’s River-Recovered® and reclaimed wood is available in multiple species and in both solid and engineered lines.

Premium Wood Flooring

We recover long leaf pine and bald cypress logs out of Southern rivers and mill them into beautiful solid wood flooring. These were some of the first trees cut from America’s virgin forests over 125 years ago and represent the last members of the primeval climax forest that once covered 90 million acres of the Southeast. The logs were floated down river to port centuries ago. Many of the denser logs sank, where they have been perfectly preserved in the low oxygen environment. When milled, they yield the richest patina. We use the strictest grading standards in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing you have purchased the highest quality, most beautiful wood flooring on the market.

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Goodwin Legacy™ Heart Pine
Goodwin River-Recovered® Heart Cypress
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Goodwin River-Recovered® Heart Pine

Sustainably Harvested Wood Flooring

Goodwin connects with foresters and property managers throughout the Americas to provide beautiful wood that has been rescued or sustainably harvested. From old-growth trees felled during storms to wood rescued from properties and backyards, Goodwin is breathing new life into beautiful antique wood that otherwise would either be destroyed or sold for pennies on the dollar to mills not practicing sustainable or lean manufacturing.

Goodwin Ren Antique Longleaf
Goodwin Antique Longleaf
Goodwin PE Wild Black Cherry Engineered
Goodwin Wild Black Cherry
Goodwin Ren Old Florida
Goodwin Old Florida

Engineered Wood Flooring

Goodwin Company’s precision engineered (PE) wood flooring is made from the same River-Recovered® and sustainable logs as our solid wood lines. Coated with high-quality, environmentally friendly products, PE wood flooring maintains a stunning finish for years to come.

Goodwin Ren Mahogany Engineered
Goodwin Precision Engineered Mahogany
Goodwin Ren Walnut Engineered
Goodwin Precision Engineered Walnut
Goodwin Ren Wild Black Cherry Engineered
Goodwin Precision Engineered Wild Black Cherry
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Goodwin Precision Engineered Classic River Recovered® Heart Pine
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Goodwin Precision Engineered Vertical River Recovered® Heart Pine
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Goodwin Precision Engineered Vintage Legacy™ Heart Pine
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Goodwin Precision Engineered Vertical Legacy™Heart Pine