NWFA Expo Come Together 2021



The season of summer brings forth events and people coming together. Orlando is a huge city with a myriad of events happening all the time; you can never get bored! A few are upcoming in the next several weeks, like Seaworld’s Electric Ocean, 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup soccer matches, and numerous 4th of July celebrations. But another occasion is taking place at the beginning of July that excites the Goodwin Company: the NWFA Expo Come Together 2021!


Goodwin has participated in the NWFA’s expos in the past, and we always have a blast! This year, the expo will be taking place July 7th – July 9th at the Orange County Convention Center! The NWFA Expo is the largest tradeshow anywhere that is exclusively dedicated to wood flooring. Here you can see us in previous years, at the 2017 Wood Flooring Expo:




You won’t come out of this event empty-handed; there are many benefits of attending the expo! If you are also in the wood flooring industry, there are many network opportunities available that will hold value for you and/or your business. Attendees will be one of the firsts to see the latest products and trends currently happening with wood flooring. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other guests and professionals who all share similar interests and passions. NWFA’s goal is for people to leave the expo with the information you’ll need to help your business thrive and flourish while staying original and one of a kind.


If you’d like to learn more details about NWFA Expo Come Together 2021, you can visit the NWFA’s feature on their website:




We hope to see you there! Stop by and visit the Goodwin Company booth!