The Best Wood Flooring for Pets in Your Home


Luxury Solid Wood FlooringDoes the resilience of Heart Pine stand up to the normal wear and tear of pets? Yes it does! Let’s look at the Janka hardness scale (see our earlier post) for assurance. The Janka scale for Hard Maple (commonly used for basketball courts) is 1450. When people speak of pine flooring not being suitable for pets, they are referring to White Pine, which has a Janka scale rating of 380.

Heart Pine registers 1220 on the Janka hardness scale, which is equivalent to Red Oak and almost commensurate to basketball court strength. Contrary to popular belief, true Heart Pine flooring is actually harder than Cherry, Teak and Walnut. The key here is “true” – you definitely want to make sure the Heart Pine your are considering is “all heart”.

Many floor re-finishers also believe the type of finish is important. Try to avoid hard shell coatings with pets in the home. This type of finish is more likely to show marks.

True Antique Heart Pine allows you to enjoy the remarkable beauty of luxury wood flooring without isolating the furry members of your family!